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Universal Features

Manufactured to the exact size of your opening within 1/8 of an inch (3mm)

  • Assures door seals properly thereby improving insulating values and reducing noise and particle transfer between environments.
  • Enhances appearance by not having unsightly gaps between the door panels or the frame.
  • Eliminates the need for mismatched panel sizes or oversized/undersized seals to compensate for “standard” door sizes filling non-standard openings.

Full perimeter air seals are standard on all full thickness models

  • Allows for the maximum environmental separation between areas thereby minimizing transfer of:
    - Temperature
    - Humidity
    - Noise
    - Dust
    - Microbes

Factory aligned hardware

  • Doors are centered correctly at the factory so you don’t need to in the field.
  • Reduces installation time
  • Assures proper field alignment

Largest selection of hardware choices in the industry including patented “Helix” hinge

  • Corrosion proof Helix Hinge for “roller bearing-free” reliability and guaranteed lifetime performance
  • 6 available V-cam hinges with an array of swing options from 0 x 90 to 180 x 180.
  • Stainless steel patented “EZ hang” hardware for ease of installation and operation
  • Assorted Café style hinges for lighter duty options.
  • Variety of spring assist features to ensure positive closure in wind load applications.

Full height Mount Assembly on most full thickness models

  • Reinforces the panel strength from top to bottom by equally distributing the stress of impacts on the panel facing.
  • Significantly reduces the cracking of door facings diagonally from the hardware that is common with competitive doors

Dozens of optional features to match the needs of any environment

  • Window options in over a dozen size and design configurations and infinite custom configurations
  • Locking accessories
  • Closing assist options
  • Washdown & USDA packages
  • Wide array of Impact Protection features (Bumpers, Impact Panels, Kick Plates, Rub Rails, Jamb Guards)

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