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V-Cam Hardware

The V-Cam hinge provides easy opening and positive closing without the need for any type of mechanical actuating device. The cam roller is the only moving part--it rides up the V-Cam when the door is "bumped." Gravity returns the door quickly and positively to the closed position. Choose from three cam rises: the standard 38mm rise cam for best combination of ease of opening and positive closure; 19mm rise cam for easier opening and gentler closing doors; "Deep seat" cam for better door control in negative pressure applications.

V-Cam gravity hinges are virtually indestructible. A cast Meehanite hinge with sealed bearings provides a 180° swing arc and 3/4" (19mm) rise - extended swing and 11/2" (38mm) rise is also available.

Installation, including adjustments for out-of-square doorways, is fast and easy.

  • Cast Meehanite Cam follower
  • Sealed roller bearing
  • Cast Meehanite V-Cam
  • High strength steel Tubing
  • Extruded aluminium bottom bearing
Download V-Cam installation instructions
Download V-Cam installation instructions

Measuring up document
Instructions for measuring your opening
  • 2 or 4 bolt fixing option
  • 3 x different rise levels
  • 3 x different swing options

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Rise Cam

3/4" (19mm) Rise Cam #6300
(#SP80 Cam for Steel-Lite Model)
3/4" (19mm) Rise Cam Follower #6310

Rise Cam
1 1/2" (38mm) Rise Cam #3009
1 1/2 (38mm) Rise Cam Follower #5226-B

Rise Deep Seat Cam
1 1/2" (38mm) Rise Deep Seat Cam
#5230-L, #5230-R
1 1/2" (38mm) Rise Cam Follower #5226-B


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