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Cleaning and Maintenance

RubbAir Doors feature easily maintainable surfaces. Cleaning these surfaces with soap and water or commercially available cleaners such as "Fantastic" and "409"removes all but the most stubborn dirt.

  • For stubborn dirt cleaning the textured surfaces is easier with a soft bristle brush, rotating the brush in a circular motion and collecting the loosened dirt with a clean cloth.
  • Re-conditioning the door surface to a soft luster can be done with Armor-All Cleaner. Testing reveals the Armor-All Products also tend to leave a thin residue which facilitates future cleaning.
  • Use of abrasive cleansers and solvent based cleaning agents may permanently oxidize or discolor the door facing. As such, prior to using any such products first test a small area of the door facing to ensure no hazing or discoloration occurs.

Designed to offer years of trouble free performance Rubbair doors require minimal periodic                 maintenance to keep them operating smoothly and trouble free. By following the simple steps that follow you’ll maximize the life of your Rubbair Door’s and minimize the long term cost of ownership by keeping maintenance expenses to a minimum.
  • First and most importantly, make sure that upon installation your door(s) is securely fastened to the jamb, the jamb securely fastened to the wall and the door is operating smoothly 90 degrees in each direction without any obstructions in it’s path.
  • If after installation the door it is not closing all the way in one or both directions or is difficult to open check to make sure the hardware is plumb and level. Some shimming behind the hardware may be required at this point to align the doors properly and allow for smooth operation. If unable to get the doors to operate smoothly call either your local representative or the factory for technical assistance.
  • Once installed properly periodic lubrication (every 6-8 months) of the top and bottom pivot points with silicon lubricant is all that should be necessary to keep the doors functioning properly for years to come.
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