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RUBBAIR - Frequently asked questions

1) What’s your Standard lead time?
With all doors “made to order” to each customer’s unique opening size and specifications we generally quote a production lead time of three to four weeks although can typically accommodate much faster turnarounds if circumstances require.

2) Do you carry stock sizes?
No, typically every door is made to order. With that in mind, we can arrange to hold several doors in inventory for a customer based on their standard specs and sizes for “emergency” situations.

3) Where are the doors made?
Rubbair doors are manufactured in the United States in Ayer, Massachusetts and distributed around the World by a network of trained representatives and in Europe by our sister company Rubbair Door Ltd.

All our doors are manufactured in our own state of the art factories, by highly trained employees with many years of experience.

4) When ordering a door how much bigger should I make my frame to allow for the finished door opening?
Rubbair builds doors to fit inside your existing framed opening or your planned finished opening. As such, we make the necessary size reductions at the factory meaning you make the framed opening to the size indicated on the plans and we build the door to fit it.
Measuring up document Download measuring up document


5) Are frames included with your doors?
Frames are available as an optional feature but are not standard. Available frame types include tubular steel, SS knock down, Aluminium knock down and aluminium angle. When ordered with the doors the frames are pre-drilled and tapped for our hardware greatly simplifying the installation process.

6) Can I buy direct?
Rubbair door has a network of independent representatives nationwide and our own direct sales office in Europe, who sell our doors. As such, when a customer calls in to the factory they will be directed to the rep who services that area and market. From there, the representative will assist you in selecting the proper door and provide pricing and make any site visits necessary. Once you’re ready to place the order the order will be sent to Rubbair for direct processing.

7) How do you stack up to your competitors?
Very well. With over fifty years in the industry Rubbair is an established and well respected manufacturer of traffic doors. Our doors are regarded by our customers and competitors as being some of the toughest available and our customer support, from quoting to site visits to install and beyond, is unparalleled.

8) Should I expect to pay more for your doors?
Possibly, but consider this, we don’t cut corners or compromise service. Traffic doors have to be built tough to last a long time and with many doors still in service after thirty plus years we know what it takes to build doors that last a long time. With that in mind, compare the lifetime cost of ownership on a pair of Rubbair doors to that of multiple pairs of an inferior door and you’ll note a significant cost savings.

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